New and Legacy Website Update 3/14/2018

Dear Valued Partners,

On behalf of Essco, we would like to update you on the latest website developments:

  • The Legacy Website is back up!   (Click here for Legacy Site)
  • We listened to your immediagte needs and completed the following five important initiatives on our new website:
    • Ability to Print Invoices (finalizing esthetic and functional improvement on a printed copy) 

                  Go to:  Account > Invoices > Print-Icon.png

  • Display Aging Invoices 30/60/90 daysOpen-Invoice-Example-(2).png
  • Ability to search backorders by Part #; Order #; or PO#
  • Visibility to Frequently Ordered Items
    • Go to:  Account > My Most Frequently Ordered Items (link on left-hand side)
  • Included Equipment Section:
    • Allows user to focus of finished good search
    • Product (tab at the top) > Equipment (link in the drop-down window) > Sort By Manufacturers (left-hand side filters)


We appreciate and encourage you to share your feedback when navigating our new site. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to use our website. Based on feedback you recently provided us with, these are the next top four improvements we are currently addressing. We anticipate these updates will be implemented on our new website by the end of 3.26.18 week:

  • Predictive Autofill
  • Change "View $" to "Price"
  • "Already in Cart" alert
  • Table View vs. List View toggle


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please continue to pass along your input so we can provide you with a website that exceeds all your needs.

Sincerely Essco Team